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Downing centre lawyer Sydney: If you or your loved one has been charged with a crime, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. Don’t just hire any lawyer; find the one that has the right personality traits. Being charged with a crime can completely change the course of your life unless you have the right legal representative on your side. Hire a lawyer who is


An excellent orator

Sharp as a tack.

You should not hire a criminal defense attorney who is meek or shy; you should hire one who is aggressive. Some people define aggressiveness as forceful, competitive, assertive and one who pushes to win boldly. These are the main personality traits that one should look for when hiring a lawyer as he is going to fight for your freedom in the court of law. When your life and freedom are on the line, you should have someone who goes for the jugular in a legal way. Always, don’t settle for less.

Next comes, the orating skill. To orate is to speak in public in an eloquent and convincing manner. A criminal defense attorney has to be at the top of his/her game orally if your trial goes to court. All ears and eyes will be on him/her: the jury’s, judges’ witnesses and mainly the opposing side. When your criminal defense lawyer can make his/her point in a persuasive and smart way, chances are greater that you are staying on the right side of prison bars. Excellent and aggressive speeches can even move mountains and you want a mountain to be moved in terms of your being found not guilty in the court. Even with a heap of evidence, a poor orator can lose a case.

Make certain you choose a debate-team winner for your legal representation. Anyone who gets into a law school has to be pretty darn smart. It is actually a competitive application process and only the cream of the crop gets admitted. Once they are in school, every single lawyer has to work hard and compete for higher grades. Your criminal defense attorney is going to be up against another intelligent opponent in the court.

You want your legal representative to be sharper and smarter in order to win your case. Don’t settle for bright when choosing your legal representative; find the one who is sharp as a tack.

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